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I came to The History of Byzantium not only directly from Mike Duncan's The History of Rome (which I had just completed) but I was also already familiar with Robin from having listened to some of his thetvcritic.org podcasts as well as his A Pod of Casts (Game of Thrones Podcast) show with Roberto Suarez.

Robin covers the historical topics found in HoB with the same level of insight and professionalism that he brings to his TV discussions (whether on Buffy of Walking dead or even Spartacus). He not only does an excellent job at carrying the story of the Romans forward from where Mike Duncan leaves off, and providing much needed illumination and understanding to what is (for me) a much murkier period of history. I know much about the Roman Empire until 476, much less about it from 500-1453. Robin is ably filling those gaps for me.

Some of my favorite episodes so far have dealt with his coverage of the plague that struck during Justinian's time (mid 6th century), the devastation it wrought and the lasting effects it had on the Empire. Of course this plague (carried by the Y Pestis bacterium) was also linked to the Black Death that struck Europe later. Arguably it was more devastating in Justinian's time

Among other things, I look forward to his coverage of the Crusades and their effect on the Empire and the Byzantines in a few centuries.

Highly recommended!

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