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Like many others, I came to The History of Byzantium having just sailed through the entirety of Mike Duncan's riveting The History of Rome podcast. On the heels of Mike's description of the Rome's collapse in the West, I found myself hungry for the next chapter. What about the Greek-speaking half of the empire that survived for another 1,000 years, almost to the Renaissance? I have long felt like this is one of those gaping holes in Western history as it is customarily taught: a huge chapter of European history that we for some reason ignore.

Well, Robin Pierson has never disappointed as a successor to Mike Duncan. In his hands, Eastern Roman imperial history has unfolded with real fluency. After briefly reviewing how the late Roman Empire's power and wealth shifted toward the Greek-speaking east and toward Christianity under Constantine, Robin dove in to the bitter controversies and mysteries of Byzantine politics after the West fell. Since then, Robin has told a consistently engaging tale, balancing palace and church intrigue, military strategy, and broad social commentary.

Throughout, Robin always points up controversial issues and the difficulties of understanding ancient texts and archaeological questions. The website provides plenty of maps, illustrations, and a rich bibliography for further reading. I especially appreciate his inclusion of guest subject matter experts in the podcast, drawing listeners into controversies over (for example) the origins of Islam. I eagerly anticipate every broadcast. Always fascinating.

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by vroomvroom

Man oh man do I love this site.

Whenever I need to transfer headshots, film, or other huge files, I go here. Easy to use and FREE for 2GB?! Heck. Yes.

Cancelled my $10/month to Dropbox was I discovered WeTransfer because unlike Dropbox, I can send a filed to anyone,...
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by mikeman911

Such a fantastic podcast!
Duncan has a knack for narrative history, taking all the disparate stories and facts and weaving it all together into a story that's fun and engaging.
It's also very well researched.
Would highly recommend to anyone with an interest in history.



by minio

I think the site looks dull now. I hope it evolves into more modern design. And also consider user experience.

The History of Byzantium

The History of Byzantium

by KrisA

I heartily agree with the reviews on this podcast series left so far by other listeners. I've not yet listened to Mike Duncan's History of Rome podcast (though I'm now inspired to do so), but the History of Byzantium podcast is a tour de force from Robin. He has done a sterling and balanced job...

The History of English Podcast

The History of English Podcast

by KrisA

I have found the History of English podcast absolutely riveting; in fact, I 'binged- listened' my way through the first 100 or so episodes, and am very relieved that there are clearly many more to come :-). History via etymology - a great concept, well-delivered by Kevin. Highly recommended.

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