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The Lynda.com Online Training Library teaches computer skills in video format to members through monthly and annual subscription-based plans. The company was founded in Ojai, California and has since moved to Ventura and Carpinteria, California, where it currently employs more than 200 full-time staff members and more than 140 teachers who earn royalties from their shared revenue model. The company website was created in 1995 and the company was incorporated in 1997.

Lynda.com evolved from its original conception as a free web resource for Lynda’s students, to the site for her books on web design, to the registration hub for physical classrooms and conferences, to an online virtual knowledge library, where today, members may watch software and technology courses in several categories (3D and animation, audio, business, design, development, home computing, photography, video, and web and interactive design). The company also produces documentaries about creative professionals.

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Alexander Winn

Alexander Winn


Lynda.com is my absolute favorite place for learning new professional skills. I had been a web designer for years, but I started using Lynda.com when I wanted to learn iOS development. I had an app on the App Store less than a month later!

The library of tutorials is incredibly large and comprehensive, and each course is organized very well into lessons and videos within those that often just run a minute or two each. You can watch them straight through as a continuous movie, or focus on a single video for a while to really figure out what they're saying. The courses also often come with supporting materials, so you can pick apart the examples they give, and the teachers are always very well-spoken and clear.

I cannot recommend Lynda.com highly enough, both as a tool and as a website itself!



This site will make you long for Lynda functionality on every video you watch online on other sites.

It is powerful and useful.

Every Lynda video has a full transcript for search-ability. And if you click on a word in the transcript, the video jumps to that point.

Furthermore, each lesson is broken up into bite-size modules perfect for quick learning sessions.

Then Lynda remembers where you are without needing to save your place and you can rapidly start back up again.

For all the tasks you would love to be guided through, Lynda has lessons that will make you think "oh, this isn't that hard"

It does have an auto-renewing monthly subscription, but unlike some of the more painful subscription sites, it is quick and easy to unsubscribe.

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We were planning a surprise for our friend's birthday, while I was searching for ideas I found Bookthesurprise. The site and prices were very promising and the team was very prompt in response. The service was on time, we loved the way you took over the surprise. Thank you for surprising my frien...



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by mikeman911

Such a fantastic podcast!
Duncan has a knack for narrative history, taking all the disparate stories and facts and weaving it all together into a story that's fun and engaging.
It's also very well researched.
Would highly recommend to anyone with an interest in history.



by minio

I think the site looks dull now. I hope it evolves into more modern design. And also consider user experience.

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