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Brave New Hollywood


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Brave New Hollywood is a VIP pass to the world of cinema, featuring the smaller independent films, and the rising stars who make them.

Conceptualized as a wesbite, in the winter of 1999, in California, BNH was our movie-geekdom, a film-buff destination where three friends; one on the west coast, the other on the East coast and a third one in Europe, could share their passion for Hollywood and the men and women who shape it. We never ignored the big action films and movies catered to the masses. Hey, we watched them too. But we were interested in the smaller, more personal stories.

Today, we hold on to that spirit as we try and feature films, filmmakers, actors and actresses who tackle the cool and interesting projects. With attention to independent artists, we hope to find and draw attention to quality filmmaking.

Life is too short for bad movies, right? So, let's pick a few good ones.

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by Simon Wheeler

This history podcast is the work of Mike Duncan, who wrote and narrated the epic 'History of Rome' podcast.

So far he has covered the English (very good), American (excellent) and French (very good) revolutions. All in lots of detail, from the 'seeds of change' that led up to th...
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Recent Reviews

The History of Byzantium

The History of Byzantium

by KrisA

I heartily agree with the reviews on this podcast series left so far by other listeners. I've not yet listened to Mike Duncan's History of Rome podcast (though I'm now inspired to do so), but the History of Byzantium podcast is a tour de force from Robin. He has done a sterling and balanced job...

The History of English Podcast

The History of English Podcast

by KrisA

I have found the History of English podcast absolutely riveting; in fact, I 'binged- listened' my way through the first 100 or so episodes, and am very relieved that there are clearly many more to come :-). History via etymology - a great concept, well-delivered by Kevin. Highly recommended.

The History of Byzantium

The History of Byzantium

by wlad

It's so amazing that we have the opportunity to listen to so many years of history is such a fine detail. It's a marvel of the modern world. Thanks for doing this, Robin!



by jenniferarmins

love it

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