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A platform for publishing articles about entrepreneurship. Sharing interviews, tips, resources and stories from business founders. I’m a graphic designer, army veteran and b2b marketing-guy from Minneapolis. In early 2013, I teamed up with my brother and formed Mogck Digital Partners. As our business took off, I worked side by side with small business owners of all types and sizes.

It didn’t take long to realize that these business owners had really interesting start-up stories. In fact, many of their experiences helped in the formation of my own business, introducing new tools and inspiring a few of out-of-the-box strategies. More importantly, I discovered that at the heart of their business was not some profound idea or anything all that special. It was just plain hard work, a lot of networking and pure unadulterated determination.

My aim is for each interview to spark creativity within the Gritway audience, helping all of us develop our own ideas. The format of the interview will stay consistent, but I will target a wide range of industries from all ends of the world.

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by Kurtholden

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by mikeman911

Such a fantastic podcast!
Duncan has a knack for narrative history, taking all the disparate stories and facts and weaving it all together into a story that's fun and engaging.
It's also very well researched.
Would highly recommend to anyone with an interest in history.

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