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Cherry Sauce Clothing


Clothing , Entertainment

Launched in July of 2009, Cherry Sauce is a clothing line out of Edmonton, Alberta run by Mike Gaboury and Jason Soprovich. We are the Saturday morning cartoons of clothing, aiming to remind people what it's like to be a kid. Have fun, don't take yourself too seriously, and always be the best person you can (or at least try to.)

Cherry Sauce Clothing is more than just clothes. We are a team of friends dedicated to bringing back fun. Through our designs we hope to share our positive attitudes and inspire you to pass it on. We know sometimes life isn't perfect, and we respect and support those of you who persevere. Our goal is to remind both the people who wear our clothes and the people who see them being worn, that life is too short, have fun, laugh and love, it's what life is about. So to you reading this, we don't care which scene you come from, your race, weight, or gender. We are here to have fun regardless. Whether you wear our products or not we wish you the best and encourage you to live like you're covered in cherry sauce.

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