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While no minimum length is required to publish a review on FlitterWeb, it is strongly recommended that users provide detailed, thorough descriptions and opinions in their reviews. Not only does it earn more Esteem for the author (a "Comprehensive" rating is worth 3 Esteem, while "Helpful" and "Funny" are worth 2 each), it also increases your chances of being up-voted at all and makes for a more positive experience for the rest of the community.

In addition to the written review, users must provide three 5-star ratings covering the site's functionality, aesthetics, and ease-of-use. The average of these three ratings will become the total score for the review as a whole, and will be averaged with other users's scores to find the total score for the site. You may edit your review at any time, although this will not affect the review's previous ratings by other users.


When submitting a new site to the FlitterWeb database, please take the utmost care to provide detailed information for other users. The URL should be for the root domain (as opposed to sub-sections or specific pages), and the title should be stripped of all unnecessary information such as taglines or slogans.

The description should be a detailed outline of the sites's features and design, with enough information that a user unfamiliar with the site should have a reasonably comprehensive idea of how it works and how it is used. A single category must be provided for the new site, but it is strongly, strongly recommended that every site be placed into two categories if at all possible.

Finally, the logo image for the website should be clean and uncluttered, and presentable in a square aspect ratio. Text, especially small text such as slogans or URL's, are strongly discouraged, as they tend to look distorted or unreadable at smaller sizes. Logo icons or images are preferred, and all files must be at least 200x200 pixels in size. When submitting a new site, the FlitterWeb system will attempt to locate a suitable logo automatically, but otherwise the moderators will be tasked with finding a suitable image before the site is approved.


Categories are only added on rare occassions, and moderators should take the utmost care to prevent over-population of the category list. In order to do this, moderators must ensure that a new category is added only when a significant number of sites will fit into it and only when no pre-existing category already applies.

When these conditions are met, a new category may be added as long as it has a clear and concise name and a description of roughly 2-3 sentences describing its extent and limits. A parent category may optionally be set if the submission is meant to be a sub-category (such as "Clothing & Accessories" within the parent category of "Shopping"), and if the category is meant to be a Shell (meaning it exists only to contain other categories and should not contain any websites at all) that can also be established before the moderation team approves the category submission.

Featured Review



by Angeleno44

Ticketvibe is dishonest in their advertising for events, they will rip you off. Their site is also not very good, it's cluttered and difficult to navigate at times.
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Recent Reviews



by HungryArtist

Unique gift ideas for all types of occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings and more. A great collection of interesting products and DIY ideas.



by tvanstee

A pretty busy homepage with a lot of content on it but with nicely designed top navigation. The footer is similarly well-designed and leads the user to not be overwhelmed despite the great amount of content present on the site.

I would consider reducing the amount of options on the...



by tvanstee

A very minimal landing page which looks a little too simple to inspire confidence and trust in the user.

The top links when they do work, remove the header links and do not allow the user to navigate back to the home page without refreshing. The About, Press, and Privacy links all...



by tvanstee

Generally, a good looking site but is a little overwhelming with the sheer amount of content on it.

The landing image itself with its great number of content is a little overwhelming to the eye and this experience only increases as one scrolls down further down the page.

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