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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sites are reviewed on FlitterWeb?

All kinds! Any website can be submitted to the database and reviewed by the community, the only exceptions being sites with adult content and sub-pages of websites already in the system.

Who can write reviews on FlitterWeb?

Anyone! Simply register through Facebook or through FlitterWeb itself, and you'll be ready to start writing reviews in seconds.

Who runs FlitterWeb, and how are Moderators chosen?

With the exception of a few Admins who keep the website up and running, the entire FlitterWeb community is moderated and built by the users. Various actions (such as writing reviews, having your reviews up-voted, submitting new sites, and more) increase your Esteem value, which in turn unlocks certain privileges automatically as you progress. Get high enough esteem, and you'll gain the ability to be a moderator yourself!

How much does FlitterWeb cost?

FlitterWeb is completely free for all involved, both reviewers and site owners. There are no fees or subscriptions to read or review sites, and new websites can be added to the database free of charge as well. FlitterWeb is supported by the ads which appear on the site, meaning all you have to do to support us is use the site and tell your friends!

The one exception to this rule are the Developer Accounts, which are available on FlitterDev, the FlitterWeb Developer Portal, to website owners who wish to take their website promotion to the next level. These special accounts can be activated for $27.99/month after a free 14-day trial, and unlock a whole host of extra features and special tools to help you get the word out about your website, both on FlitterWeb and on the Internet at large.

How can I add my site to FlitterWeb?

FlitterWeb accepts all websites, (except for those with adult content). Submission is easy and quick, and after the moderation team has reviewed your site and approved it, it will appear automatically and without any other action from you!

And once it does, feel free to send your users to review it: we encourage self-promotion, as long as it's honest!

Can FlitterWeb help me promote my website/business?

For those webmasters, site admins, web developers and online business owners who want to take their site's promotion to the next level, check out FlitterDev, the FlitterWeb Developer Portal.

FlitterDev includes a whole host of extra features and special tools to help you get the word out about your website, from an embeddable Like or Rating button that you can put on your own page to encourage reviews, to a special Developer Account which unlocks stats tracking, cover photos, social media integration, and more. These special accounts can be activated at any time for $27.99/month after a free 14-day trial.

Do you restrict positive reviews for businesses who don't pay?

FlitterWeb will never restrict positive reviews or promote negative ones, or try to manipulate your website's score for any reason. The Developer Accounts are purely an additional set of tools and controls for proactive webmasters and business owners, but we will never penalize sites that just use the free listing option. Your rating is between you and your users, we're just here to host the conversation.

What if I have an infrequently asked question?

Curiosity is the true spice of life. If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, just shoot us a message at support@flitterweb.com and we'll be happy to answer it!

Featured Review

Sanmarinno Studios

Sanmarinno Studios

by tvanstee

Strange decision to use Comic Sans as the font for the titles of the website headings.

I could not find a way to navigate away from the homepage to any deeper links with more information. One would expect that the left skyscraper section would be hotlinked to more examples.
See more...

Recent Reviews

The History of Byzantium

The History of Byzantium

by mcdon290

Good for any history fans.



by tvanstee

One of the very few politics sites on the internet that is truly unbiased and is not pushing neither a right or a left-wing agenda.

It is a fantastic compendium, compiled twice daily - once in the morning and once in the afternoon - of all the news that is worth reading - in a read...



by tvanstee

Born as a clickbait, arbitrage website completely devoid of any substance or content - it somehow took that concept and made it worse.

Buzzfeed is known as the laughingstock of the internet, for its truly vile cesspool of social justice warriors, for its overly dramatic authoritari...

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post

by tvanstee

A heavily biased so-called "news" resource - HuffPo is hypocritical in nearly every possible aspect. It preaches equality and diversity, and yet it's boardroom is nearly completely composed of white women. It claims to be strongly for diversity, and yet it practices no diversity of thought whatso...

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