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What people are saying about Vimeo

"Even though the general quality of Vimeo is spe..."
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"Classy YouTube for fancy high quality videos wh..."
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"I like the esthetic and it's very user friendly..."
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What people are saying about Facebook

"Back in 2004, this site had promise. An opportu..."
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"Facebook is a lot less popular now than it used..."
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"Facebook changes far too often, and there are a..."
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The History of Rome

The History of Rome

by Mihai Candet

I am still listening to the History of Byzantoium and then I will start this one.

The History of Byzantium

The History of Byzantium

by Mihai Candet

A very very good job that involves a lot of hours!

Thank you!

Eraedge Elearn

Eraedge Elearn

by lopez

The instructor is very experienced and knowledgeable the course content and mock questions are very helpful for the exam.

Dan Carlin

Dan Carlin

by mpadraig

I listen to a number of historical podcasts, but Dan Carlin has firmly established himself as the king and point of reference for other podcasters. Common Sense is amazing, Hardcore History is even better. I have a bachelors degree in history and I concede that this podcast, with a proper persona...

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