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What people are saying about The History of Byzantium

"I have just finished to the back issues of the..."
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"I love this podcast. The audio is great and the..."
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"One of the best history podcasts around at the..."
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What people are saying about Amazon

"This is my go-to, one-stop site for holiday sho..."
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"Love Amazon! I use Amazon prime and am amazed a..."
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"If you want to buy something, chances are you w..."
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by Simon Wheeler

This history podcast is the work of Mike Duncan, who wrote and narrated the epic 'History of Rome' podcast.

So far he has covered the English (very good), American (excellent) and French (very good) revolutions. All in lots of detail, from the 'seeds of change' that led up to th...
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The Ancient World

The Ancient World

by Bap

The Ancient World is the history podcast I enjoy the most. That is saying a lot, as I have listened to over forty series. TAW is the only one I have listened to three times (so far) in its entirety! On average, each episode has a much higher density of information than most history podcasts. A bi...

The History of England

The History of England

by Bap

The History of England is the best history podcast on the planet - bar none.
Why? Let me count the ways....
First, Englands history is a great story. Second, and most important is - David Crowther. That's all it takes.
David Crowther loves English history. It makes a differen...

The History of Byzantium

The History of Byzantium

by Dgetzin

An amazing balance of synopsis and analysis, this is one of the best podcasts out there.

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