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What people are saying about Al Jazeera

"This website is exactly why we can't elect Hila..."
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"They haven't found the plane yet, either. T..."
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"I think this is the least patriotic site I've e..."
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What people are saying about Black Milk

"It's just not what I thought it was going to be"
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"Amazing leggings, swimsuits, and more! I lov..."
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"I'm lactose intolerant. And read "To Kill A..."
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Cool Stuff Inc

Cool Stuff Inc

by weesh

This is my favorite online retailer. I've spent well over a thousand dollars on the site, and it is NOT because they have great deals. In fact, you could often find better deals elsewhere. And they offer modest shipping times compared to other retailers. So why shop at cool stuff if it isn't...
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by weesh

The beauty and power of Kickstarter is that the demand and desire and ideas already exist...and kicksterter just bring everyone together into a big fun event to pull it off.

I love the ability to support my favorite projects with minimal risk to the creators.

So ma...



by weesh

I got both of my last two jobs and almost all of my interviews through this site. It is really nice to have a one-stop shop for your job searching.

one of the lovely parts of this site is that it remembers your choices without an account. so you can go back to the site the next d...

Channel Fireball

Channel Fireball

by weesh

There is probably no better quantity, quality and concentration of "Magic the Gathering" strategy articles anywhere online.

The official wizards site gives you the inside scoop, but Channel Fireball has recurring columns from some of the strongest players in the game. The regula...

The Pure Soap

The Pure Soap

by Artemis M.

The best olive oil soaps in the best prices!

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