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FlitterWeb allows users to review, promote, and discover their favorite websites, online stores, personal blogs, webcomics, webseries, and more. Think of it like Yelp for the Internet. Websites can encourage their users to leave them good reviews and generate more business, and users can find the best website for whatever they want to do.

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This project is my passion, but I can't make it happen alone. I truly believe that FlitterWeb has the potential to do for online businesses and personal websites what Yelp did for storefronts and restaurants. The need is there, the concept is proven, and best of all, it’s already live. All that’s left to do is spread the word.

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Recent Reviews

Loch Ness

Loch Ness

by vroomvroom

Waiting for the show to come out- but in the mean time happy to see Donna's Diary's! Creator Christina Marie Leonard is posting videos as her character Donna to give us a bit of insight into what we'll be seeing in Loch Ness.

Can't wait for more!

As for the site its...



by Nerrolken

Biteable is a GREAT website. It allows you to generate hyper-professional and engaging websites with ease. In fact, one such video was used as the intro video for the official FlitterWeb Kickstarter ca...

Asel Art Supply

Asel Art Supply

by Gaia

For the most part, I love Asel Art Supply as a store front, but as an online catalogue, Holy Smokes, I have never seen such sucks.

First their list of options is limited to nothing I was looking for, after having just spoken to someone on the phone who said that they had what I w...

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