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What people are saying about Al Jazeera

"I think this is the least patriotic site I've e..."
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"This website is exactly why we can't elect Hila..."
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"They haven't found the plane yet, either. T..."
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What people are saying about Twitter

"Are you looking for a Facebook that let's you b..."
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"You say what you have to say and move on! I hav..."
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"I believe that it is an absolutely useful tool..."
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by radams

Ok. I can't really say enough about Yelp being an internet bully especially when it comes to smaller businesses. I understand that you have to keep a site moving by having advertisements and what not. But when it comes to small business owners wanting control over their own yelp page and web pr...
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by Robert Harisso

I have taken Cognos TM1 Online training in EraEdge, i am very thankful to my trainer for his excellent training, he covered every topic in depth and he provided good guidance during my interview, Thanks a lot EraEdge.

The History of Byzantium

The History of Byzantium

by Ahoo

Quite frankly I don't know how Robin finds the time to produce such a well-researched podcast.

The podcast is not simply a regurgitation of facts that can be gleaned from the numerous books available on Byzantium.Listening to the podcast encourages me to research the subject furthe...

Farnam Street

Farnam Street

by nataliee

I can't say enough about how great this blog is. If you have any desire to think better, make better decisions, learn new skills, discover new books, and just generally become a better person, then you should subscribe to this blog. There is something for everyone here! The value of the blog's co...

The History of Byzantium

The History of Byzantium

by Linzasaurus

This podcast is an excellent successor to the also wonderful History of Rome podcast. Robin maintains consistency by maintaining some of Mike Duncan's style however he also adds interesting interviews and a reflection and question period at the end of each century which aids in the establishment...

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